16 August 2016

Above and below the sea

Week 30, 23 July 2016 - Sea City

Earlier in the week, I had decided to head south to Sea City to check for migrants and spend a few hours on the beach.

Of course, the weather had other plans and during the night I could hear that the wind was picking up speed. Since I had already committed to myself, I got my gear and headed to Sea City, stopping for an Egg McMuffin breakfast on route. 

I was hoping that the wind would die down as it sometimes does - just not today...I did see some early migrants; Upchers Warbler, Isabelline Wheatear, Common Sandpipers - but not one was kind enough to pose for a photograph. But who could blame them, as even I was battling with the wind battering the car and blowing dust. I did find a Blanfords Agamid that seemed determined not to be swayed by the wind..Something disturbed it and suddenly it was off across the mound, all puffed up and displaying - defending it's territory?

Blue-throated (Blanford's) Agamid (Trapelus ruderatus fieldi)

Let the display begin.....

You wanna a piece of me?

I thought not!

I then headed for the beach and found a sheltered spot out of the wind. I wanted to test the GoDome I had purchased in SA for split level images. But first I had to find a subject and that in itself was a challenge. Eventually I found a large and live Sand Dollar; one of the biggest I have seen. As their shell is covered in fine 'hair' they are able to move very slowly on and under the sand which I didn't know..

Split level image of Sand Dollar (Echinodoscus auritus)

Sand Dollar (Echinodoscus auritus) disappearing under the sand
I was pleased with the first test of the GoDome but will need to try it again in more favourable conditions and clearer water...

Feeling a little wind swept and sand blasted - my stay on the beach was shorter than I had planned.

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