04 November 2012

Birds and the Bee's

Week 43, 21 October 2012 - Jahra Farms (Click to enlarge image)

A belated post from October when I visited Jahra Farms to give Ali a copy of our recently published "Birds of Kuwait". Every time I have visited Jahra Farm, irrespective of the time of day or year I find Ali working tirelessly around the farm planting and harvesting the crops.

I explained through Khaled Al Ghanem (who kindly translated for me) that this book will help him correctly identify the many birds he already knows and to continue be the guardian of this delightful patch of green in the middle of Jahra town. Here is Ali, hard at work

Ali, hard at work
So, despite the heading I wasn't really here for the birds on this occasion, but found that a bit of colour was showing around the farm in the form of a few Sunflowers and bee's harvesting the pollen.

Sunflowers to brighten Jahra Farm

The bee's
I did however manage to photograph ('macro' with a 600mm) two Dragonflies before leaving which I have yet to identify.

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