05 July 2014

Into thin air

Week 23, 07 June 14 - Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City

We are well and truly into summer now where the heat just sucks the moisture out of your body.

As usual, it was back to the Sea City project and today the birds really appeared to have vanished into thin air..

Just a single Crested Lark and yours truly were out in the baking sun...amazingly it was able to still maintain an upright crest

Crested Lark (Galerida cristata)
In fact, it was so hot today walking the islands it became almost impossible to actually hold my camera

Since there were literally no birds and before I wilted, I checked what else was mad enough to be out and exposed to the sun..

A new butterfly species for me and one I hadn't seen in Kuwait before was a Mediterranean Pierrot

Mediterranean Pierrot (Tarucus rosacea)
Of course, my little Western Pygmy Blue's were still around and how they don't get fried crispy by the sun beats me.

Western Pygmy Blue (Brephidium exilis)
A Short-horned Grasshopper made a dash across the sand to some shade

Short-horned Grasshopper
As did this Dragonfly species

Dragonfly sp
But these Bembix priesneri's (a sphecid wasp species) seemed quite comfortable on the burning sand - furiously digging little burrows looking for food I assume

Bembix priesneri

I'm out of here too!

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