02 December 2012

Grebe's, glorious Grebe's

Week 49, 29 November 2012 - Jahra Pools Reserve (Click to enlarge image

I needed to get out into the fresh winter air and started the morning with a brief walk around Jahra Farms - not too much about, but enjoyable nevertheless.

I headed to SAANR, to discover that there is no access for the coming weeks, but without any specific reason given, so that was a little disappointing. Well, Jahra Pools is looking good, so why not check that out again.

Clear blue skies, a slight chill on the breeze and water levels looking great.As with 2-days back, 3 Grebe species (Black-necked and Little) were to be seen with the star; the Great Crested Grebe a lot closer than on my last visit. Most of the time it was sheltering against the reed base sleeping...

Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus)
But then it decided to head to the other side of the pool, drinking while paddling

No sign of the Long-tailed or Tufted Ducks, but these have been replaced by the good looking Ferruginous Duck in the company of some Eurasian Coots was seen near the far end of the main pool.

Ferruginous Duck (Aythya nyroca) with Eurasian Coot (Fulica atra)
A single Garganey

Garganey (Anas querquedula)
and a large flock of around 26 Gadwall showing the prominent small white speculum

Male and Female Gadwall (Anas strepera)

Part of the flock of Gadwall (Anas strepera)
With the water supply restored, Eurasian Coots which had previously been scarce are more abundant

Eurasian Coot (Fulica atra)
In one of the newer pools a mixed flock of Greater Flamingo's were feeding, again not a common site at this reserve

1cy and Adult Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus)
In the distance a Pied Kingfisher perched patiently watching the Flamingo's

Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle rudis) 
Pallid Swifts were present in big numbers, getting an acceptable image swinging a big piece of glass was quite a challenge.

Pallid Swift (Apus pallidus)
Today's outing showed just how dynamic birding is and that what you saw on a previous visit, is not always going to be there on the next visit.

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