16 August 2016

The Owl and the Gerbil

Week 29, 14 July 2016 - Sulaibiya

I was out in the desert after dark looking and trying again to photograph Western Barn Owl. I found a single Owl, but discovered that without a 3rd arm or my son, it was almost impossible to hold my camera and a torch together for the short time the Owl appeared.

Frustrated and disappointed I went on the hunt for other terrestrial desert creatures and eventually found only a Cheeseman's Gerbil, that was skittish to start, but eventually did accept my presence. The images below all taken with flash, as the only source of light.

It is predominantly a nocturnal and solitary rodent and has hairs on the soles of it's feet that helps it run more easily across soft desert sand.

Cheeseman's Gerbil (Gerbillus cheesmani arduus)

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