11 July 2017

A breathtaking display

Week 49, 28 November 2016 - Kuwait Towers

The impressive Royal Air Force aerobatic team, the Red Arrows, made a detour to Kuwait for an impressive late afternoon display of precision flying around the iconic Kuwait Towers.

The traffic around the Towers was horrific, so I parked and walked after the display had started, so I wasn't in the position I wanted to be - however, in hindsight it all worked out ok.

I had a Common Redshank fly up the beach on the way to a suitable spot

Common Redshank (Tringa totanus)
As it was a few years ago, this aerobatic team sets high standards and certainly impressed the huge crowd that turned out to watch the show.

Iconic Kuwait Towers and impressive Red Arrows

Once the display was over, it was a long wait to fight the traffic - but in this time, I found a Red-backed Shrike along Gulf Road

Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio)
And later a single White Wagtail

Wintering White Wagtail (Motacilla alba)

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