06 December 2020

Soggy JPR

Week 49; 03 December 2020 - Jahra Pools Reserve and Jahra Farm

I met up with Omar AlShaheen for one last nostalgic drive around Jahra Pools reserve on a gloomy and drizzly afternoon. It was more about the company than the birding and we had a great catch-up whilst driving round the overgrown reserve. Apparently, it is planned that the reeds will be cut and managed in the near future and that they water quality will be assessed.

We had a few good species like Black-necked and Great Crested Grebe, Grey-headed Swamphen, Osprey and Masked Shrike and a good few duck species, but the weather was not our friend today.

Quality images were out of the question, any pics today would just be record images

We headed across the road to Jahra Farm where the best bird seen in the rain was a Crested Honey Buzzard. 

Crested Honey Buzzard (Pernis ptilorhynchus)

We had a late Lesser Whitethroat

Lesser Whitethroat (Curruca curruca)

And two Bank Myna's, which I hadn't seen for quite awhile, on the way back to the car

Bank Myna (Acridotheres ginginianus)

All to soon, it was time to say cheers, but hopefully some time in the future we can plan a trip to South Africa for quality southern hemisphere birds!

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