01 August 2018

Super Blue Blood Moon

Week 05 -  31 January 2018 - Funaitees

This moon was an anticipated event in parts of the world where it could be observed. I headed to my local beach just before sunset to find a place to sit and enjoy it.

There was a single Caspian Tern hunting in the shallows, here going into an inverted dive - light was too low, but I tried anyway and changed it to high key in post

Caspian Tern (Hydroprogne caspia)

After that, it was a matter of sitting and waiting into the blue hour, before the moon slowly rose above the air pollution haze and sea fog and the few people sitting on the beach could enjoy the spectacle. Photographing it was quite a challenge, as the moon itself was filtered by the haze, so was not as bright as it should have been.

Here, cautiously rising out of the haze

Super Blue Blood Moon

A passing boat gave perspective, scale and added a flash of white on the horizon and completed the image

Super Blue Blood Moon

As it got higher, so the red faded away

Super Blue Blood Moon

Overall, it was an enjoyable few hours and I'm pleased I made the effort to watch it from the shore of the Arabian Gulf

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