16 February 2015

2014 Birding Highlights

As I did last year, I think it is useful to publish a list of notable sightings seen through the year as well as new additions to the checklist.

Compared to the previous year, 2014 was down on 2013 in that only 3 new species were added to the Kuwait Checklist, as compared to double that in 2013 - an impressive 6 species! 

The monthly account below will give an idea of the vagrants and rarities recorded and accepted by KORC for 2014.

9th Pallid Scops Owl
20th White-crowned Wheatear

7th Sociable Lapwing

18th, 19th Dead Sea Sparrow
21st, 22nd White-crowned Wheatear
5th Barbary Falcon
1st Variable Wheatear (this took some time to review and finally accept and was the 1st new addition of the year)

2nd Streak-throated Swallow
23rd Crested Honey Buzzard (these are now considered annual passage migrants and also recorded in winter)
21st Black Stork (another annual passage migrants)
9th Golden Eagle
4th, 5th, 6th , 7th Eastern Nightingale
3rd Striolated Bunting
23rd White-crowned Wheatear
3rd Rustic Bunting (a deceased bird)

2nd Sooty Shearwater
24th Crested Honey Buzzard

13th Black Tern
1st Hooded Crow (2nd addition to the checklist for the year)
22nd Black Stork
8th Dalmatian Pelican
24th White-crowned Wheatear

2nd Striated Heron
19th Black-winged Kite
14th Black Tern

3rd Red Knot
7th Thick-billed Lark
3rd Paddyfield Warbler
25th White-crowned Wheatear

20th Black-winged Kite
7th Grey Phalarope
25th Crested Honey Buzzard
4th Paddyfield Warbler
9th Demoiselle Crane (shot and killed on Gulf Road)
23rd Black Stork

12th Rufous Turtle Dove

3rd Striated Heron
10th Pallid Scops Owl
3rd Greater White-fronted Goose

20th Dead Sea Sparrow
1st Hawfinch (3rd addition to the checklist for the year)
8th Sociable Lapwing
3rd Lesser Flamingo
21st Dead Sea Sparrow
12th Desert Finch
2nd Purple Sunbird
21st Black-winged Kite
2nd European Greenfinch

2nd Goldcrest
4th Rock Bunting
6th Hume's Leaf Warbler
8th Ring Ouzel
5th, 6th Long-eared Owl
11th Pallid Scops Owl
8th Olive-backed Pipit
2nd White-tailed Eagle

As the sun sets and the birds come home to roost on another year, lets keep the fond memories and look forward and hope that 2015 has more good news than bad and exceeds our expectations in all respects.

Goodnight to 2014

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