02 December 2018

Frecce Tricolori Air Show

Week 46; 17 November - Kuwait Towers

The Italian Airforce Acrobatic Team had scheduled their air show over 2-days flying over Kuwait Bay and around Kuwait Towers. The rain had passed, but low cloud persisted through the morning and we were unsure whether the air show would take place. Luckily a brisk wind picked up and cleared the cloud to open the skies for the show to take place.

One of a few boats anchored in the Bay for a view from the sea

Kuwait Towers

These were optimistic cats

Optimistic Cats

Whilst waiting, I photographed a few passing Gulls - Common Black-headed

Common Black-headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)

and one of the 1st winter White-headed Gulls - probably Caspian or Heuglin's

Caspian or Heuglin's Gull?

an Emirates A380 passed below the moon while we waited longer - the show was delayed an hour

Emirates A-380

Finally the Coastguard came into position and the spectators waiting on the shoreline waited in anticipation


First up was the Euro fighter Typhoon an awesome jet and pretty quiet compared to some of the other military jets I have seen

Eurofighter Typhoon

Then it was the turn of the Italian Acrobatic team and they put on quite a show - these just a few images to give a taste..

Italian Acrobatic Team

A really enjoyable day out on an early winters afternoon

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