13 July 2013

A few more migrants at Jahra Pools

Week 28, 13 Jul 2103 - Jahra Pools Reserve (Click to enlarge image)

The wind had subsided and traffic during Ramadan is not frenetic at all, so getting to Jahra Pools this morning was a breeze.

Birds were pretty much the same as earlier in the week, but I did see both the Black-winged Kites and spent quite some time trying to get on to a Spotted Redshank in breeding plumage, but to no avail - very frustrating when you know the bird is in the area, but just can't find it!

The wader numbers for Green and Common Sandpiper and Ruff had increased, but only 1 Black-headed Wagtail was seen.

Black-headed Wagtail (Motacilla f. feldegg)
As the temp rises, each circuit of the reserve seems to produce a species you didn't see earlier, so a Citrine Wagtail is always great to see, even if it does not have pristine plumage.

Citrine Wagtail (Motacilla citreola)
Most of the birds never got in range for photographs, so focused on a few Dragonflies which I will need help to identify.

Unidentified Dragonfly

Unidentified Dragonfly
A stop at Jahra Farms on the way home gave a pale white butterfly, with black-tips on the top wings which I have not seen before in Kuwait. I will have to see if I can Google the id..

Unidentified Butterfly

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