18 March 2020

Lockdown - Day 1

Week 11; 12 March 2020 - Abu Hassania

Kuwait initiated a 2-week lock-down as a preventative measure for Covid-19 starting from today with most companies encouraging employees to work from home. 

This is history in the making as other countries will follow suit. New words are introduced into our vocabulary like social distancing and the frequency of washing hands and using hand sanitizers become a new routines in our daily lives.

After a long day in the apartment, I needed to stretch the legs and get some fresh air, so went for a walk on my local beach, pretty much on my own. Hypocolius were still present in the same area where the trees are laden with fruit

Male Hypocolius (Hypocolius ampelinus)

There were many Crimson-speckled Flunkey's in the scrub along the beach

Crimson-speckled Flunkey (Utetheisa pulchella)

I then spent some time near the outfall watching the Black-headed Gull's pick scraps off the grey water flowing from the outfall. Generally Gull's are quite mundane, but now that they are sporting their breeding plumage they really do look smart.

Common Black-headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)

Much further out, Sandwich Terns were plunge diving for their food and from my observations were pretty successful. These are what I consider "birds in habitat" images or minimalism - I quite like them...

Sandwich Tern (Sterna sandvicensis)

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