19 December 2011

Those large white-headed Gulls

Week 45 - 09 November 2011, Sharq Harbour

It is this time of year when the moulting large white-headed gulls arrive to over winter in Kuwait. Gulls are the favourites of many, but they havent quite rubbed off on me yet and they can really be challenging when a lot of their flight feathers are missing.

But, this is a location worth visiting to ensure there arent any specials in amongst those wheeling above the fishing dhow's.

In my defense, I have a backlog to process - so will make a more concerted effort to ID them when I have the time. However, if you are 100% certain of the ID, all comments will be read.

I have grouped this batch together as I suspect they may be Caspian Gulls

and this lot possibly Heuglins

But here are two together for comparison to show the difference is the upperpart colours

This one was a cinch, a patriotic pale form Indian Reef Heron.

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